January 29, 2014

the day after the day before tomorrow

A mix-up of ages, materials, styles, colors and textures and whatever comes up in your mind!
A detailed artistic interior that break through your sensations and hang you in a limbo.
I really cannot say like or dislike, but for sure it's different!

Place De Colombie, Paris (FR) - RAMY FISCHLER

January 15, 2014

unusual as usual

Just 2 sight view... on water... one of which is the Sidney harbour, poor guys!
It's the perfect place for a neverending party.

 pubblic in the middle, private by side.

Strong geometry rule the plot, simplicity and natural light lead the project.

Chapple House, Sidney (AU) - TRIBE STUDIO

January 04, 2014

old fashion

Althought I'm a fan of minimalism, I'm always attracted by the richness and variety of  decorations.
Colors, ornaments, fornitures, wall papers, decor...

... and last, but not list, fashion!