January 17, 2013

gentle blue

Slight noises, warm enviroment, soft scents.
House on Limekiln Line - STUDIO MOFFITT




The biggest freezer ever seen it's waiting to become something new.
The Chicago’s Fulton Market District will be redesign for the SRAM (bike components manufacturer) by PERKINS+WILL.  
Meanwhile the building -ex meat and fish market storage- mast be defrosted: inside the best choreography iced water can do!

waiting for the new plan!

il cielo in una stanza

If you want to organize an open-air party without a yard, if you want an unplugged weather forecast, if it's time to renew your interiors in few steps, this is the right chance to do it!
Simple, stunning and strange.

BERNDNAUT SMILDE  and his cloud indoor

January 13, 2013


Stop building churchs! Contemporary architecture is the worst damage the society could do to the few religious people left in Italy... 

Chiesa di San Giovanni - ZERMANI ASSOCIATI

January 08, 2013

Be inspired!

I've lived in 30mq flat, but it was quite different! By then the myth of the lighthouse is an old memory. I know, I'm annoying you showing only sharp and white shapes... but this location is unique and unique is the power of this project. This is one of six artist's studio commissioned in Fogo Island (Canada) to SAUNDERS ARCHITECTURE

January 05, 2013

smooth & strength

Geometric shapes and sinuous lines customize every single project. Different ideas and design for every layout, the ability to imagine and bring to life a wealth of ideas that capture the customer's requirements. MONOVOLUME will be another reference for my architecture!

January 04, 2013


Well, still thinking if the fault was of the architect or of the photographer...

'cause the project and the design is quite cool!


 similarity to Home Sweet Home

January 03, 2013

displaced luxury

Sustainability and design fit together in these amazing 5-star guest rooms of a Pray House in China.
Shipping containers have been already used for sustainable housing, here there's also a landscape project that recall temporary houses for survivors.

Chick or kitsch? Probably, related to the prayer, it could be a good setting remembering a place where people usually suffers...