October 04, 2014


 Nature is the inspiration for this neat and linear architecture. As I always say simplicity is beauty!
Water and stone excel in this villa as complementary material of the surrounding environment.

And don't forget: Sicily is one of the most beautiful place ever!

August 07, 2014

That's my spot...

I admit I've a passion for homes with seaview... but this one shaked me, whatevere you want, but bring me there!
Open space, glass and wood. Another example where simplicity beats complexity and where location makes the difference!

Till House, Navidad (Cile) - WMR ARQUITECTOS

June 26, 2014

This must be the place

You have two ways to join this architecture:
being a member of this family
building a new one

but for the second one the game will be finding another "perfect place"...

April 05, 2014


Sometimes hospitality offer more than people ask, it wants to fit the perfect comfort forgetting what's around, it's like a standardization  of a ritual...

feeling at home, classic and chic with a good view on...


while dining in a living room!
aboard a tipical river-boat completely alterated.

Where is the integration between hospitality and environment?
Probably I'm wrong, but sounds better a movie projected at the windows of a 4star hotel in any city you prefer...


February 26, 2014


A graceful ribbon running through the stories of this ancient building completely reviewed.
Never predicted, always a crux, stairs could be the tourning point of your project.

Apartment in Melbourne (AU), ADRIAN AMORE ARCHITECTS

February 02, 2014


Restoration and reconstruction of an an old farm structure. A skillful composition and an expert genius gave birth to this wonderful building converted in a "nest" for start-up.

Roncade-tv (ITA) - ZANON Architetti Associati

January 29, 2014

the day after the day before tomorrow

A mix-up of ages, materials, styles, colors and textures and whatever comes up in your mind!
A detailed artistic interior that break through your sensations and hang you in a limbo.
I really cannot say like or dislike, but for sure it's different!

Place De Colombie, Paris (FR) - RAMY FISCHLER

January 15, 2014

unusual as usual

Just 2 sight view... on water... one of which is the Sidney harbour, poor guys!
It's the perfect place for a neverending party.

 pubblic in the middle, private by side.

Strong geometry rule the plot, simplicity and natural light lead the project.

Chapple House, Sidney (AU) - TRIBE STUDIO

January 04, 2014

old fashion

Althought I'm a fan of minimalism, I'm always attracted by the richness and variety of  decorations.
Colors, ornaments, fornitures, wall papers, decor...

... and last, but not list, fashion!