March 31, 2013

White game

Don't be annoyed by the speaker: turn off the volume, pump up your favourite song and enjoy this magnificient architecture!


March 28, 2013


Creative, simple and neat is the design of this small apartment born from the hand of a couple living in this small place. A deal: improving the space, and they did it!
From this experiment a new design firm
bioLINIA, from the design to the build

March 17, 2013


A new suit for this building shaped by the common icon of office buildings
or platform and tower as you prefer.
Love the design of the ground floor: colors, curves and plastic architectural elements contrasting the stiff tower.

And it immediately reminded me the Palazzetto dello Sport of Pier Luigi Nervi:
strong arms sustaining the roof.

By the way, what the hell is doing that radiator over there?!

Zanka Next Generation Center,    MODUM

March 12, 2013

Adopt an ufu!

New example for the reuse of containers. This time they're tiny greenhouse spread around. An hydroponic system lets these units create an autonomous agricultural process.
A sharing area, natural experience, a lovely idea to keep in touch with greenery, and why not, with other people moved by the same passion.


March 04, 2013

All my best!

I would like to have creativity and strength in project as this Architect does...
Shapes, colors and enviroments are so different, but tuned on the main topic.
A combined design of the existing and historical theatre and the redesing of the new building consisting in common areas and film halls. A great example of emotional architecture.

Weltspiegel Cottbus, ALEXANDER FEHRE

and I really love the way he plays with ceilings (see more about Fehre)

Do you mind?

Neighborhood is becoming too much creative! Here another example of different architecture. Different from common standards of a tipical porch-home-backyards place. Live open air!

Ward-Lawrence Residence, DAVID BAKER+PARTNERS

March 01, 2013

Architecture at its best

The main problem are floods and shortage of land, add this to poverty and limited resources and you'll have the great idea for a public school.
100 kids can be hosted in this floating structure. Floating is guaranteed by plastic casks, above two stories as classrooms. And everything taking care about the design!

This project could be developed also as an housing compound.

Floating School in Nigeria, NLE' Architects

Another brick in the wall

The plot isn't easy to be performed (6x30 m). The project is a double block of three stories and in the middle... a hole! The patio, with pool, is forced between 4 walls, hight and concrete walls, thus the convivial area is deep in the shadow and you spend your free time facing the wall.
Why? Especially when you have such a good ocean view in the front?

CASA CABA, FCB Arquitectura