February 23, 2013

Only for sleepless

A mishup generated this little jewel of interior design.
The restoration ended with a terrible fire (just few days before the grand opening!), but this was the excuse to start again.  Words, concrete and vintage are the main subject for this hotel in the city of Porto.

a volume sliced by concrete blades...


February 18, 2013


This is the movie week! This is the 3rd post where you need a vimeo player,  I know, but here there's the example of the invention of people who need to live in a onebedroom flat. I share 45 square meter in two, and I know what lack of space means.
The example in this video is for well off people: everything tailored to fit perfectly every single cm.
What I really appreciate is the guest room... a genius!

But not everybody has enough money to spend... so here we have another solution

or I can link you THIS... from my projects

February 06, 2013

Dr. Jakyll & Mr. Hyde

Do not annoy the neighbor with your thirst of new... just do it! but in your back yard...

 Cloud House  in Melbourn by McBRIDE CHARLES RYAN

something different

After tons of white&concrete suspended dramatic cuboids, here we are with grey&metal sinuous skins. Simplicity at its best.

ENDO SHUHEI Architect Institute