November 23, 2013

A curtsey to...

... Zaha Hadid Architects and their HEYDAR ALIYEV CENTER in Baku (az)

Contemporary flair

It's not easy to focus which is the real elegance, the flair, the gentleness in the new society. There are many influences from all over the countries and different life style and needs depending on the own business and family habits.
Just one thing doesn't change, one thing it's always perfect and universal, adaptable in every circumstance: simplicity and care of details.

Casa Cor, Rio de Janeiro (bra) - GISELE TARANTO

November 17, 2013

sounds good!

 Gentle and firm the outline of this building, edges skewed and various thickness.
Everything performed to guarantee noise reduction and the natural light.

 A little bit too stiff inside...

Logements d'étudiants, Geneve - LACROIX CHESSEX

The "W" power

white and wood...
...what else?

 Educational Center Erasmus University, Rotterdam - CLAUS EN KAAN ARCHITECTEN

November 01, 2013


Sometimes the most beautiful architectures are the simplest.
And when these architectures are made for humanitarian proposal, they became the best.

Target: 350 m2 in 7 weeks
What: school for orphans
Where: Zambia

Who: 10 university student volunteers with ORKIDSTUDIO

October 01, 2013

A long tail

The extension of an existing residence generated a multifunctional building. 
Old and new, standard and extra. 
The new addition rests above the old building like a long tile on a bald head... Perfect.

Geometry, tough edges and straightness are my love! 
 The location does all the rest.
Paramount Alma (Alto Adige) -  ULLA HELL for PLASMA STUDIO

August 20, 2013

June 08, 2013


Enviroment at the first place: high efficiency, landscape inspiration, bioclimatic architecture... everything melted in a wonderful architectural design.
By now only a render, asap the building.

ARPT, and more on Mario Cucinella Architects


and basic!

 Casa Rex, and more about  FGMF arquitetos

June 06, 2013

Still in time...

Only the first 3 minutes, audio doesn't work, but this is one of the most amazing venue ever...
still in time to get there!!! 

May 24, 2013

Landed on the moon

By now just a project, well... the project winner of the competition about a prison. 
Loneliness in a unique and outstanding panorama!

Correctional Facility in Greenland and more - SCHMIDT HAMMER LASSEN

Open air

A lovely temporary pavilion in Copenahagen, hoping it won't rain!