December 29, 2012

who comes first?

missing the copyright!

Psychiko House, DIVERCITY architects
Maxxi Museum, ZAHA HADID architects

Feel free to fill

Shapes and surfaces inside a box usually called home.
Room enough to allow your imagination to create.

 Envy for the strenght of colors, something that I really miss...

I spy...

Mirroring is one of the most widespread actions: autocad, illustrator, photoshop, in the bathroom...
HELLOPANOS managed this action to design a new version of the architecture
Architectural components are now interpreted and feature a new object with your imagination.

December 27, 2012

a warm chillness

By now modern architecture is made of volumes, cold squared geometric volumes.
We love concrete, no excuses. It's the perfect material, color and surface, that match with everything, but do not abuse.
Do I wanna live in this place? Yes! Do I wanna be the architect who designed it? Yes!
It's quite impressive, love the dynamicity of the multi storey which is made of and the wide view, the transparency of this body made of concrete. What I need is more warmth... 
trying to be part of the bush, a contemporary Tarzan (a rich Tarzan!) that established the venue of his kingdom. Inside but not part of, no integration. It's like a wonderful sea urchin camouflaged with local greenery.


I would like to start this blog linking  
Scrolling their project goose bumps raised all over my body. Something wide, gorgeous, terrific, sensational, and incredibly simple! They'are now my muse...
Yes, the locations where they place their projects are quite stunning, and I agree that location is the half of the project, but they feature exactly my idea of "home", in a larger scale for sure. They can and I hope, one day, me too!
Other posts will follow commenting about their architecture.


What I like and dislike, 
sensations and ennui, 
simple and complex.